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Ego I have put on hold,
told things I already know.
It’s part of the New Guy game,
lots of change though it’s the same.

Eggshells I must step upon;
obsequious all day long.
Olive branch and saving face;
I’m the New Guy in this place.

My perspective, point of view?
Bottom rung is hard to do.
New skills I still need to learn;
give and take I’ve yet to earn.

As the new fish in the sea
every eye is watching me.
Net the sale or we don’t eat
need a victory, not defeat!

Offering me helping hands
as the catch I try to land
stings the ego just a bit;
understand, just don’t like it.

Inquire why something’s done?
Want to know; it’s not treason.
Lot’s of ways to skin a cat,
hope we all understand that.

I’ve been in this game a while
can be hard to nod and smile
when suggested carefully
words are viewed heretically.

Pointing out a mate’s mistake
hardest part in give and take.
Who am I to correct you?
My poor tongue’s been bit right through.

Truth is, don’t know me from squat,
gotta prove just what I got.
Pecking order, status quo,
vane tells which way wind does blow.

Pinches ego, hurts my pride
constantly time to abide.
Slowly through my deeds not words
demonstrate depth of my worth.

I’m the rookie on this team,
bruising of my self-esteem
is part of the New Guy game:
Varsity spot hope to gain.