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Tabula rasa, a slate that is blank,
Is ripe for graffiti, both coarse and rank.
Each of our minds encased in brutish skulls
Bombarded by words untrue and banal.

In new deception game facts are passé;
Straightforward truth’s been replaced with word play.
No sense learning nothing when nothing’s right;
Word? Tweets are best tool for gaining insights.

Modicum of research now out of style;
Truth can be found in whatever’s gone viral.
Misinformation is filling our heads,
The Age of Reason has been declared dead.

Folks that were Locke step with Enlightenment
Have been replaced by more deceptive gents.
Look straight at camera while spinning lies;
Veil of propriety is great disguise.

Hakuna matata, Swahili phrase,
Translates to, “No worries,” for rest of days.
Why should I worry? There’s no need for doubt,
The truth is told by him who loudest shouts.

General just said to advance to the rear?
Who said we’re retreating? Can’t happen here.
Any fact I need’s at my fingertips.
No data found? Then manufacture it.

Insidious deceit falls like a net,
We aid and abet when lies we don’t vet.
Cross apples with oranges and come up pears;
Specious arguments that lead nowhere.

With slick sleight of hand our minds have been tricked
To just nod our heads and lies to accept.
All know it’s true of the other fellow,
Can’t see we’re all trapped in lies’ undertow.

Our blank slates are painted by other’s words,
Been true forever but it’s grown absurd
That we accept and then just pass along
Lies, rumors, gossip proved easily wrong.

Deception’s depth burrows deeper each day
Seems we’re all flies with which spiders can play.
Caught in vast web of such wicked deceit
From truth’s battle we must never retreat.