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I wake up in darkness dreaming we’ve seen the light,
I stumble from my bed with no real hope in sight.
I walk to black cauldron, create a witch’s brew,
Down acidic potion ’cause it’s the thing to do.

Crystal Ball upon my table bringing me bad news;
Instantly world’s before me and what do my eyes view?
Pictures that I’m seeing, of us fouling our own nests,
Has me pondering how our world’s grown so damn grotesque.

Are stories presented reflection of reality?
Always in abundance are dark tales of atrocities.
Water poisoned for profit, both through fracking and in Flint,
Is murder most foul by entrepreneurs and government.

“Trust us, we’re the good guys,” is universal admonishment
But in quest for power and money how quickly ethics get bent.
Rubbish foul and putrid gets wrapped up in flag of Old Glory,
“It’s for the greater good,” is how they pedal atrocity.

If ruining drinking water is consequence collateral,
Then in God’s name, what are we protecting? How did we sink this low?
Pray, how does Mankind profit if it is humans we sacrifice?
For cheap natural gas and oil prices we play with dynamite?

Our capacity for evil seems to grow in leaps and bounds
And destruction that we’re reaping often praised on moral grounds.
Price we pay at the gas pump, and cost of our necessities
Ample justification for bringing justice to her knees.

We all know Cleopatra was queen of Egypt’s Nile.
In her quest for god-like power committed acts most vile.
Two-thousand years have passed since she was despot on her throne;
With flow of millennia our destructiveness has grown.

We despoil planet where our species meant to thrive,
Raping our own mother will surely cause Man’s demise.
Like sheep to the slaughter we are herded toward our fate
Can humans be good shepherds or is it all too late?

We’ve allowed a darkness to envelop our land.
Our survival depends on where we take a stand.
If we don’t have clean water flowing from our taps
Then all we’ve created is an obscene deathtrap.