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I started out my morning with a Mother’s Day run
Wife convinced our son and me we’d have a lot of fun
The weather it was chilling for May in F-L-A
Got up with the sun and headed to local five-K

Were four in our party ’cause our son he brought a friend
Workmate name of Tyler who last year brought up the end
Boy and buddy Tyler they been training for the race
Clear from the beginning they’d maintain a nice quick pace

It was a competition and the boy and wife are fast
Among our little group knew who’d be coming in last
We queued up at the start and I began towards the rear
Obvious pace they’d be setting I’d not be coming near

Old war horse like me figured on ten minute miles
But the two youngsters weren’t settlin’ for a pace so mild
Darling little wifey goes by moniker goddess
She’s always bound and determined to push her limits

Was a special class for moms who raced with their offspring
Team of mom and child with lowest time would victory bring
Our boy did really well and his mom was kicking ass
And when their times were added they came in first not last

Tyler broke eight-minute mile pace for special-k
A much improved time that tasted of victory
I beat ten minute miles with nine, three, three pace
No doubt that I am old and slow but enjoyed the race

We all got to keep on moving and take care of self
Don’t matter if you’re slow like me or if you’re top shelf
There is a special feeling that comes with victory
But all I’m promoting is being all that we can be

When we gather up our courage, rise up off the couch
And share a little self-care, no longer sit and slouch
We must rally for ourselves and for the ones we love
And with what we’ve got fortune’s slings and arrows rise above