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When John Hinckley shot the Pope and James Earl Ray Rosey Greer,
Oswald Harvey Lee was praying as penitent sincere.
Sirhan Sirhan he came over from the Promised Land
and with Chicago Ruby punctuated their demands.
Mehmet Ali Ağca conspired with Ron Regan and JFK
to get Johnny Lennon to watch Bobby Fisher play.
Immutable are facts that I have laid out here;
I’ve done extensive research and my findings are revered.

Perspective is important when researching history
but revision of the facts is a plague on you and me.
Cristoforo Colombo sailed in fourteen-ninety-two
stumbled upon a continent when he sailed the ocean blue.
That part of the story is just restating of the facts
but whether Columbus was demon or a savior just depends on whom one asks.

When I was a child old C.C. was revered
but indigenous indignants say that logic’s mighty queer.
In his quest for gold, God, glory Admiral Chris he was not nice
he brought tyranny and ruin to a former paradise.

We all know there is a reason why it’s called his-story
and it just depends on whose ox gets gored if with story you agree.
But seems we’ve started sliding down a very slippery slope
where if one disagrees with basic facts then one just hollers, “Nope!”
Though dozen eyes did witness and nine cameras filmed the scene
trend right now’s for a new narrative woven from a dream.

We don’t have to search for people blowing drifts of snow
they have positions mighty high though their character’s really low.
Blue sky that they’re selling is getting choked with smoke
they tell us things are fabulous, terrific? Is this guy smoking dope?
I guess screaming, “Fake news!” and offering alt-facts
worked in trumped up towers where standards were quite lax.
I know life can be confusing, more complicated than anybody knew,
but no matter how you slice it can’t pull facts out of the blue.

John Wilkes Booth was an actor who died in sixty-five,
he shot another dude who pontificated about lies:
“You can fool all people some of the time,
and some of the people will always fall for your lines,
but manure that you’re spreading each and every day?
Is the greatest reason why I wish you’d go away.”