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Coleridge made a pleasure dome where Kubla Khan could play
A dome composed of opium smoke that drifted away
Hemisphere with maze of river within ten miles stretched
Twas most dazzling vision that sobriety soon wrecked

Last night I had a vision not so elaborate
But the dream it pleased me as in my bed I slept
I threw a simple lasso up into the sky
And on this rope of hemp I found that I could fly

Even whilst sleeping I pondered heavenly ride
How could an unattached rope suspend me in the sky?
The rope it had a rhythm as it pulled me out of time
For up and down the rope pulsed as to great heights I climbed

My flight it was not jarring as I held on with one arm
Soared in ever widening circle free from fear or alarm
Wound up above an ocean and while I was gazing down
Little boy upon a raging sea looked like he might drown

With no hint of hesitation lowered for a rescue
As though me saving drowning children was a common thing to do
Dropped down and spiraled slowly; grabbed the little tyke
And in a New York minute on firm ground he did alight

I returned unto the heavens, waved as I did ascend
His family embraced him, shouting, “Hallelujah!” and “Amen!”
It was a wondrous feeling to do a thing so right
Basked in their benedictions as I continued on my flight

Still, the niggling thought that simply would not let me be
Was how could a simple rope let me sail far above the sea?
And as I circled upward feeling light and feeling free
Couldn’t help but puzzle over force of gravity

My mind began to worry as I rose high up in the sky
If my dream flight up and ended I would surely fall and die
And with my hesitation I began to tumble down
Not knowing if I’d hit sharp rocks or in the sea I’d drown

The hemp rope that supported me in my lovely flight
Evaporated into nothing, left me weeping in the night
The strong, bold rescuer that was me in my dream
Had been replaced by haggard man who downwardly careens

And now it is the morning and nothing’s really changed
I keep struggling to rise upward and my strength regain
But all I’ve left are dreams and memories of the past
Though the world needs saving I’m caught in my own morass