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The jailhouse it tumbled down, down into the sea
Inmates we were cheering our new-found liberty
No tiny cells now held us, we were free to go
I just stood there waiting not knowing what to do

All our lives imprisoned by bars we cannot see
How do we choose direction? Live a life that’s free?
What chains restrict me from ascending to new heights?
Why sit here listlessly rather than just take flight?

What is it that I yearn for? What essentials lack?
Here I lie in tortoise shell flailing on my back
Like rats we fight and scurry, long to get ahead
Freedom is a grave concern, must we wait till we’re dead?

Old days of regimentation against which we chafed
Gave me structure and purpose, this realize now too late
Leaving life inside a prison that we all do share
Has left me feeling useless and striped my old bones bare

Too late, too late the caged bird understands his song
For freedom tastes not sweet if you’ve been brought up wrong
Fear I shall fade quietly into the cold dark night
For there’s no life inside of me, and no spark of light

Reaching for the promise of great Beulah Land
My freedom’s brought me madness that I can’t understand
I’ve broken free of shackles that so many wear
Freedom without purpose is my prison of despair