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Swept out in the ocean, billion tiny grains of sand
Sand’s moved by water’s currents the way we all am
Our travel path’s determined by conglomerate
It seems passive drifting has become our common lot

Fierce ocean big and mighty, it dictates our path
If we fight ocean’s current we’re bound to feel its wrath
Tidal wave tsunami following seismic events
Churns up my fellow sand grains as from the shore we’re rent

Landmarks strong and weighty, like great rock Gibraltar
Water wears away, leaves us unanchored and unsure
Ocean teams with drifting people who are full of need
Will any offer lifeline or will all ignore sand’s pleas?

Many bodies in the ocean that have sunk and drowned
Do leaders cry tears sincere or wear deceitful frowns?
Are we thankful dead sand grains are them and not us?
Is there no one to lend a hand-up? Leaders sand can trust?

We sand grains we are many but what’s a grain to do?
Ocean’s great and mammoth and with strength sand’s not imbued
Cast upon the water sand grains have not the power to swim
Against a raging ocean how can a sand grain hope to win?

Ocean has the power and it dictates to sand
It’s been this way forever, say annals of Man
We sand grains long to change the world, turn it on its head
But relentless ocean would sooner see us dead

The tide she is not turning in favor of the sand
Great battle’s never ending; ocean laughs at sand’s demands
Demand for humane justice as sand fights to be free?
Ocean’s but a tyrant longing to squelch liberty

Both ocean and sand grains are children of Mother Earth
Tyranny that rages is product of same birth
Ocean that overwhelms sand and fights to keep it down
From a common womb where fraternity’s seldom found