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Five short months did pass before the rain of men
Umbrellas opened up; Wall Street boom did end
Decade roared with Speakeasies, Prohibition
Enter my father? Great Depression descends

Hard times all around, Hoovervilles multiplied
Like so many fortunes lot of dreams just died
Along with the uproar, torment and despair
Babies keep coming, they arrive needing care

He was fifth of eight, though first had met demise
Family escaped penury but not hard times
Fast forward a decade, big brothers join war fray
Early years are formed by death and poverty

VE Day arrives before he turns seventeen
World War Two ended as senior year begins
Peace was short and fleeting, Red Plague southward flowed
Panmunjom, three-eight, five-three, now status quo

A youth that was spent without a safety-net
How Father was formed, titanic world events
Sailor, scholar, journeyman worked to heal the world
Longed to be a doctor not what fate revealed

Five children of his own in span of decade
Did his best to reign in peace, had a few tirades
Each of us is product of conglomerate past
Baggage we all carry both heavy and vast

Four birthdays have passed since you left mortal coil
I pray that you know peace, are free from turmoil
It was you who broke the path, were my guiding light
Shone like a beacon when I had lost my sight

Many are the ties that bind us to the Earth
And varied are yardsticks by which we measure worth
You taught me to be upright, strive for honesty
It’s not money separates wealth from poverty

Part of you remaining that lives inside of me
Will ever hold you dear, love you endlessly
Fear I fell short of mark that you had hoped for
Path that’s left me now’s praying to God you adored