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Brave souls, strong warriors, defenders of our land.
Duped, lied to and misled; exalted Gideon’s band.
Exhorted youth compelled, “Repel invaders! Protect the weak!”
Depict conflict in black and white; lies to truth generals speak.

Brutality beatified beneath banner of our flag.
“Don’t want to fight, we have no choice,” our mantra throughout the land.
On Sundays in our church pews we pray to loving God
Cursing those with other views whom we lay beneath the sod.

“I got mine, fu*k you guys!” modern motto between the lines.
Exploit people from faraway lands as on their flesh we dine.
Yellow, black, red or white don’t fu*k with us, we got the might.
So many marble monuments to prove adage, “Might makes right.”

Hypocrites aren’t hard to spy all we need is mirror’s eye.
I look at you and see me wallowing in hypocrisy.
Home of the free? Land of the brave? Sea to shining sea?
Or is blood required lubrication to maintain oligarchy?

Six-six-six thousand Americans have died on battlefield,
I bow my head in tribute to sacrifice each death revealed.
Another thousand Devil’s sixes lost their loves defending our shores;
And as I sit in peaceful glade reaper of war’s still claiming more.

How many men sacrificed? How many women lost their lives?
How many grieving parents, orphaned children, widowed husbands, wives?
Cowardly men who send gallant brothers marching off to war,
Do they die to keep us free or so we can plunder foreign shores?

I fly my flag upon this day, let there be no doubt of that;
Grateful to those who gave their all for those like me, smug and fat.
God bless those that have served, pray for men and women who have died
Great flag, gorgeous Old Glory, is tear stained from all the tears we’ve cried.