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Fertile furrows feverishly flourish in their fecund abundancy
Great Earth a garden that grows toward the sun’s life giving energy
Seeds in moist soil sprout with the dream of conquering death
But die we all, collapse and fall, legacy of fetid breath

Which plant is strong with roots that run deep into sustaining earth?
A vibrant life that shrugs off strife as it grows in length and girth?
Competition is fierce, resources finite, life lacks guarantees
Earth Mother’s creche pits brother ‘gainst sis; no hint of fealty

Dross and waste that accumulates over eons becomes fuel
Tectonic plates, heat and pressure generate power Man can rule
To stoke the fires as we aspire to transform our world
Planet’s our oyster, coal and petroleum her precious pearls

Staid and neat rows, orchard and field, planted by stately masters
Even iron-walls will crumble and fall when we court disaster
Just turn away, avert our eyes, from future we are creating
And dream that we can foul our nest all while peril abating

Seven-billion plus who like lemmings rush toward brink of extinction
How long, how long for race run headlong by headstrong and heedless?
Heads in the sand Earth’s reprimand is, “Reap what you’ve been sowing.”
Promise waylaid Earth to assuage the foulness we’ve been growing

For there’s no need our pledge to heed; we’ll hide behind sovereignty
Paris covenant it came we went back to Nineteenth Century
Coal fueled the fires that produced the steam of industrial dream
Heedless of harm, no need for alarm, still industrial theme

With coal and coke produce smog and smoke we’re burning and belching
Industrial looters, for-profit polluters deny Earth’s warming
Temperature ups and downs through ages abound is cry of deniers
With wink and nod, heedless, unbowed, stoke more coal upon the fire

A Ponzi scheme where we now dream that all things great and mighty
Are our birthright, we’ve got the might, to continue polluting spree
Hush-a-bye, close your eyes, there’s no need to fear global warming
Tawdry trinkets, status quo, worth the price of Four Horsemen swarming