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USO dance middle of last century,
In the heartland of manifest destiny.
Lush moon in the sky over Saginaw Bay,
June air was sweet as four piece band did play.

With cadre of friends sailor drove to town;
Car loaded with companions, they made civilian rounds.
MacArthur’d been expelled from Korean war;
Sailor’s off to North Atlantic, not foreign shores.

On final night of leave sailor dressed in white;
Tall, young and handsome, tomorrow ships out to fight.
Accompanied by veteran of World War Two,
Enjoying night of frolic in the world they knew.

Quickly spies a girl with whom he is impressed,
She looks demurely lovely in turquoise taffeta dress.
Vision moves with grace and dances with style,
Sailor asks her to bailar, she answers with a smile.

Sailor has been schooled in fine art of the dance,
Mona Lisa’s lovely melody has them both entranced.
Traveled with Doris Day on Sentimental Journey;
Though they’d just met both felt powerful yearnings.

Like Cinderella at the ball, evening had to end;
Says he’s had a lovely time, wishes they could meet again.
Sailor asks if she’ll write and she replies with tact,
“I promise if you write me I’ll quickly write you back.”

She jots down her address, he promises he’ll write,
They exchange a little peck then he was gone from sight.
Wasn’t very long before a letter came her way,
Sailor wrote from Norfolk, cruiser steaming out that day.

Letter filled two pages, written in flowing script,
Shared his hopes and dreams through amusing quips.
Thanked her again for the evening, expressed praise sincere,
Closed with petition that to her promise she’d adhere.

Exchanging letters was such a slow process,
Medium took patience in such great excess.
But through the months that followed, words that each one wrote,
They learned of one another via handwritten notes.

Three years they corresponded, few visits in between,
Always got together when sailor was home on leave.
Once discharged from the navy he fell down on one knee
And asked her if she’d marry him, be his eternally.

Sailor was my father, and beauty was my mom
And love they created was nurtured ever on.
Journey taken together most sentimental sort,
Through long years they danced and in love did cavort.