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Against the gate they were straining, nostrils flaring, muscles taut
Split second before un-reining when they’d exhibit all they’d brought
Moment of anticipation before they take off in pursuit
Both longed for sweet surrender that had too long been aloof

At the signal they surge forward as they gallop at full speed
No inhibitive instruction could dissuade them from their deed
Hearts slam in eager fury as the blood flowed where it must
Stallion takes a frenzied lead as down the straightaway they rush

On the long straight throbbing section stallion performed beautifully
But as they reached first arching curve mare surges forward blissfully
Side by side they race in glory each enjoying sweaty game
Paired against worthy companion induced performance far from tame

Stallion feeling great excitement nearly reaches peak too soon
Bites his lip and thinks of icebergs while mare exhibited aplomb
Along backstretch sprinted onward alternating taking lead
Stallion marveled at mare’s flanks as he raced to fulfill her needs

Final curve, there’ll be no faltering, as headlong the pair do rush
Against every parry of mare great stallion repeatedly does thrust
Excitement is climactic as they approach the final stretch
And in great final fury pair finishes neck and neck

Exultant mare’s exhausted and stud stallion he is spent
Afterglow’s so overwhelming tears flow through slow descent
They have given all they could in quest to revel in life’s essence
Impatiently wait to go again with return of tumescence