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The lines are drawn I know what’s right
if you’re not with me then we must fight.
Your pettiness and simple mind
have driven me to work divine.
In deepest sorrow I bear this cross
but I must cleanse the Earth of dross.
We’re now neck deep in human waste,
the cast offs and Lord’s mistakes.
There’s just one path that’s straight and true,
best fall in line lest you get chewed.
Chewed in the maw of world Jihad
when truth comes out; no more charade.

The silent screams and abject terror
that emanate from your dark lairs:
Strength of tsunami, sure as the tide;
you can run but you can’t hide.
We in the West
have done our best
to civilize
force you to rise
but for our deeds you spit and hiss
and play your part with serpent’s kiss.

We offer peace, and gentleness
you in return against us transgress.
Your dark skins and evil ways
we shall refute and waylay.
Our angels fly on fearsome wings
and from the skies your death we’ll bring.
All we asked was that you behave
but your dark nature is that of knaves.

No more coddling no more palaver;
prepare yourselves for the ever after.
We’ll do His work here and now
and force you all to kowtow.

Oh, the sorrow that I feel
as from you bodies the flesh we peel.
If you’d been good, done as you’re told
you’d still have life and not grown cold.
But path we both chose it’s plain to see
is the way, truth, light of theocracy.