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Great Leader’s call is echoing all across the land,
True patriots are singing, “Make us great again!”
Return us to the glory of our yesteryear
When we ruled triumphant in peace without fear.

Time of truth and harmony when men acted like men;
Standing for truth and justice and Commandments Ten.
This nation was brought forward in quest to be free
But a cancer’s now among us at odds with liberty.

Our first and foremost action must be Commandment One,
A nation that knows not God the devil’s already won.
And so, with great sorrow, and not a bit of wrath,
Must return to fundamentals; go back to our past.

Bible speaks of slavery as if it’s no big thing;
Repeal of Thirteenth Amendment is a change to bring.
Became a mighty nation on the backs of slaves
Reserve vote for white men as all else are knaves.

Let’s return to days when women were property:
“Go make me a samich, bitch! And don’t talk back to me!”
(We can even punctuate our statement with a slap
For a man’s home is his castle that is sacrosanct.)

Another roadblock to greatness is the alphabet;
Let’s remove both EP and FDA while we’re at it.
And those regulations to keep our water clean?
Are more left-wing nonsense; free market reigns supreme!

Women need to realize that sexual assault
Is only a criminal affair if great force he wrought.
Once again our neighborhoods can be lily white
For repeal of Fair Housing Act is needed to halt blight.

And the Muslim question? Like you have to ask.
Kristallnacht’s not just for Jews! We’ll drive both from our land.
We will build a wall and behind it dwell
And laugh while mud races send rest of world to hell.

America shall be great again, mark Great Leader’s words
And those spreading fake news in camps shall be interred.
Lynchings are a remnant that helped to make us great
As a tool against resistance it is just first rate.

No more feminism, no more union thugs
When Great Leader’s frisky he’ll call for a tug and chug.
Mir is word for peace, pravda translates to truth
Ignore Donny playing with Russia fast and loose.

If anyone can return us to our former days
Great Leader Trump can do it with brutality.
Eradicate the freedoms that many did fight for,
Return to White Privilege glory days like we had before.

This nation was brought forward in quest to be free
Great Leader is a cancer at odds with liberty.
He’d build a wall around us and behind it we’d all dwell
We’ll die in our own wastes and then go straight to hell.

Great Leader’s call is echoing all across the land,
Fooled imbeciles are singing, “Make us great again!”
Return to the glory of fantasy yesteryear
Where those that did not conform lived their lives in fear.