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Phlebotomist who poked me was vain but not an ass
Giggled in great pleasure sharing joke from long dead past
It wasn’t very funny and it was quite juvenile
But I produced a polite laugh at tampon tea joke I revile

What you gonna do when someone’s about to suck your blood?
You’re messing with my life force? I’ll show you lots of love
Because I’m here to tell you that when folks got me by short hairs
I’ll go along to get along and then get out of there

With this particular blood letter, I knew I would soon be done
But what about other blood suckers from whom we cannot run?
The monsters all around us who wish to shackle us with chains
Or carrion bone pickers who dine on our remains?

Our brothers and our sisters who preach deceitful lies
That the answer to our problems is to hate and despise?
The vociferous hate mongers on radio or to church pews
Who in the name of greatness fear and intolerance they spew

Strategy of divide and conquer is familiar to us all
Does greatness come from building bridges or hiding behind walls?
Why is there so vast an audience for those who proselytize
With fear and anger as they extol us to despise?

People we’re being told to hate are our brethren, that is simple fact
We need to insist on tolerance not go off on berserker attack
In world of eye for an eye we all soon shall be blind
Rather than hating reflexively let’s open up our minds

Open them to dialogue, and learning of far away kin
If we all practice basic tolerance perhaps peace can win
I’m not some Pollyanna who dreams there’s nothing wrong
Or supposes Age of Aquarius is ushered in by Kumbaya song

But blood that I am seeing running through gutters of our streets
Is only flowing deeper with each furious war drum beat
The problem’s all around us and the solution’s in our hands
All I’m suggesting is we stop demonizing our fellow man

If preachers of your deity are commanding you
To smite those that are different whether Christian, Hindu or Jew
Or that Islam is the problem and that atheists are a blight
If violence of sword or oppression drives you, how can that be right?

Or secular leaders who wish to drive a wedge
Between us and our brothers and insist “They” want you dead?
The leaches and blood letters with their call to endless war
Are barrier to solution and it’s intolerance we should abhor

Vampires and werewolves, leaches of every kind
Will point to other side’s atrocities and insist that I am blind
It may be true that I’m a dreamer and my head’s up in the clouds
Still time to change world to dream from nightmare of which we can be proud