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I was working really hard to get the words down right
Looking out for false declarations that could cause a fight
Stringing words together in a style we call prose
Which to me is more exacting than rhyming, don’t cha know?

I’m fond of writing treatises that can run quite long
But as they’re seldom read I tend to concentrate on songs
It takes me ‘bout three minutes to sing my poems out
Sometimes I borrow music like Beatles’ “Twist and Shout”

Songs can convey snarkiest of ideas using gutter words
Seems that to ugliness and cruelty in poems we’ve grown inured
Love to satirize stupidity especially in song
Imagine people I’m deriding singing right along

Sung of “Cheesy Crackers,” and Great Leader in “Across the Land”
Both of which drip sarcastic vitriol heaped on with heavy hand
It’s really pretty funny that my songs lean so to the left
But all I’m really preaching is equality and tolerance

I enjoy writing short and long stories and a play or two
Seems my audience likes poetry so what’s a fool to do?
Poetry’s slammed out in no time for it I follow rather than lead
It’s more of a catharsis than an intellectual need

First Amendment to Constitution is omnibus affair
Attacks against free speech have me pound my fist up in the air
Pitting Christians against Muslims gets my panties in a wad
And calling the press a bunch of liars is baseless charge absurd

There are people who assemble who I sure wish would just go home
But ugly speech deserves protection long as we’re practicing shalom
If you’re calling to silence and sensor those with whom you disagree
Should take a look at your position ’cause it sounds mighty weak to me

Platforms that we’re standing on as we huck what we believe
May be well constructed or made of rotten worm-eaten wood
I put great stock in liberty and equality for all
Fear confusing right for license could cause the world to fall

It’s not without reason been accused of being grandiose
Self-indulgent, delusional and even bellicose
But the words just keep on flowing from my brain down to my hand
Come visit tomorrow likely I’ll have a new song again