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     I hurried down the rabbit hole hot on Alice’s Tale, Dodgson was my tour-guide but his guidance did not prevail. The burrow it had branches that climbed left and fell right; before I could say, “Jehoshaphat,” my road map flew from sight. Fat caterpillars clinging from desiccated leaves had gnawed from the ground upward roots of Tree of Liberty. Razor sharp teeth grinned at me courtesy of the fat cats, “Lord helps those who help themselves,” they intoned, “nothing wrong in that!”

     Meanwhile, over in their enclave, cowering behind a wall frightened midget warriors prepare for Humpty Dumpty’s fall. Convinced that evil lurks without they lock themselves within; cut off inside their fortress they wear fatuous grins. Safe from zombies midgets feared would come to eat their brains they’ve put their trust in cannibals who ply flesh eating game. The zombies, though ferocious, midgets had no cause to fear. Zombies channel Captain Kirk and say, “There’s no intelligence in there.”

     Concurrently Mad Hatter, Tweedledum and Tweedledee are quoting Henny Penny with their, “Sky is falling!” spree. Maleficent’s magic mirror ruminates on the unknown: Baffled why these characters so greatly influence Orange Throne. I’m just a simple citizen swimming against the tide, swirling round the drain in eddies from which I long to hide but no matter how hard I stroke or how fast I move my feet I’m doomed to getting ‘hinder and ‘hinder and end in defeat.

     World is greatly confused by all the Joker’s conflicting math,  and I sure hope no Jabberwocky runs across my path. Because down here in this rabbit hole hard to know friend from foe. I fear Bandersnatch will swallow me and my Vorpal blade whole. There’s a vial that says “Drink Me” but I don’t know that I should; love to return to land of reason, and leave this hole for good. But to escape these shady characters with their shady deeds seems to be getting impossible-er since Dodo Free World now leads.