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     MIMIB is a tag that I use that stands for move it, move it, baby. I post a MIMIB post daily on FaceBook in which I highlight whatever I have done that day that passes as exercise. Sometimes it’s a 15 minute walk while others it’s a 90 minute sprint triathlon. I started posting MIMIB when I became depressed. MIMIB posts “force” me to do something that qualifies as exercise. MIMIB is my how I hold myself accountable and I aim for at least twenty minutes of daily, moderate, aerobic exercise and I usually wind up approaching 400 minutes for a week. The emphasis is on quantity more than quality, though I’ll give some indication of effort by adding a time or pace to my little post. For instance I might write, “Today’s MIMIB was a 5k race that I completed in 31:18.”

    I became addicted to exercise in June of 1980 when I started cycling for transportation. It has been a cornerstone of my existence for over 35 years but my emotional downturn amplified the physical decline and vice-versa so that my descent was swift, painful and obvious. MIMIB helps when I don’t feel like exercising because I feel obligated to prove to the world that today in some small way I fought the monkey on my back. Even though I know that exercise will give me relief from my pain sometimes it’s the last thing in the world I want to do. Of course, if something is “the last thing in the world” someone wishes to do the benefit is likely to be minimal, but minimal beats the snot out of none whatsoever.

     My depression has abated of late, though I’m still far from the man I was a short year-and-a-half ago. On days that I go to work I tend to cycle a short ten miles or so in my neighborhood and perhaps swim a quarter-mile. Ten miles might take me close to 40 minutes and .25 mile swim perhaps 15. Slow exercise is better for me than no exercise but it lacks a feeling of accomplishment. The last three days I’ve managed to do a bit better and the increase in performance provides greater inducement to try harder; a nice upward spiral to replace the downward one with which I’ve become far too familiar.

     On Friday, June 23rd I posted:

I cycled for 10 miles or ~35 minutes and then swam 1/5 mile in 9:38.
I’m calling it 45 minutes total.

     The 17 mph average isn’t very fast but it is faster than I’ve managed of late and the uptick in performance buoyed my spirits.

     I had a similar workout Saturday, June 24th before work and my post read:

I cycled ~10.1 miles in 35:10 before swimming 1/5 mile in 9:39.

     Truth be told, Friday’s bike ride was 9.9 miles and Saturdays was 10.1 so I was feeling a little more optimistic at the end of Saturday’s exercise than Fridays. Then Sunday came along.

     Saturday night I had said to my wife, “I’d like to ride early tomorrow to beat the heat. Get out of the house no later than 8:00. Okay?”.

     Being neither a willing early riser nor as heat influenced as I she reluctantly agreed. She came out of our bedroom dressed in cycling gear around 7:40 and of course I wasn’t ready to ride because I didn’t think she’d be up and at ’em at the designated time. By the time I was ready to ride the hour was far closer to nine than eight before we set off on our little jaunt:

Today’s MIMIB was a 19 mile ride with PTK. I managed to travel 17.4 miles in the first hour but slowed for the last 1.6 miles and wound up averaging 17.0.
After the ride I swam 1/5 mile in the pool while Pat luxuriated. Today was a rare day when I was faster than the goddess.
     Being old as the mastodons it is hard on my ego when I can’t keep up with my wife. (I’m really pretty liberated for a man my age but it still stings when one’s wife is a tick older and way fitter than oneself.) I worked hard for my paltry 17 mph average and the fact that I circled back 1.5 miles and rounded up my beloved to ride home with her salved my fragile male ego.
     I have three days in a row of reasonable, though far from outstanding, performance and I hope that this bodes of better days ahead. I know I’ve got to keep moving lest I fall back but it sure is easier to be motivated with a little forward motion as opposed to merely holding one’s ground. In any case I know part of what I must do is MIMIB.
     That’s right, we’ve got to move it, move it, baby.
     P.S. I got out for a 21 mile solo bike ride on 06/27 and managed to average 18 mph. It’s a bit of a relief to know that my Sunday ride with its uptick in speed wasn’t predicated on finally being faster than my wife again; especially as she was just having an off day. Progress is sweeter when its shared.