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     I mixed in some cauliflower along with my broccoli: it was on my lunch hour when I snarfed it greedily. Now I love eating pizza and other gooey, tasty bites but now that I’ve grown pear shaped imperative that I eat right. The formula is simple, though it doesn’t make me glad, getting old makes most things harder. (Except my sexual gland.)

     I could piss and I could moan but that doesn’t change a thing. Each age has its own  problems about which burdened sing. I had an easy childhood, free from major strife, three squares and loving parents who tried to bring me up right. I was a bit perplexing, not the easiest child to love. When my eccentric youth was over out into real world I was shoved.

     Real World’s spelled J-O-B and I don’t mean part-time type. After lira was forced to  scramble along with my loving wife. Starting out with little there’s so much that young folks want; Specter of consumerism surely is a force that haunts. Long for leisure, long  for travel and play toys galore. All these luxuries take money but non-stop work’s a bore!

     Babies bring big changes and I ain’t talking diaper sort; just when you get a nest egg have  a visit from the stork. There is no gift finer than a baby bouncing on your knee but free time and funds reminder? Neither of those for some time you’ll see. Babies grow to  children with school and play daze. Non stop goes life grinder and leaves you in a haze.

     Long about the time that money’s not so tight, notice that the children mostly in their  bedrooms hide. They are secretive and sullen while both superior and ignorant. Always cast Dad in part of villain as my poor heart they rend. Take them on some outings to some great fantastic place; while we’re there they’re all smiles but once home parents are still disgrace.

     It’s in this early middle of the cycle we call life that things bobble just a little and body  doesn’t work quite right. Assume a placid face mask though my mind is screaming,   “Whoa!” Wish I could circumvent the problems that like a virus start to grow. But each of  us is forced to play the cards that we’ve been dealt; delude myself I’m pretty lucky compared to other people’s health.

     Like a seesaw on a playground I understand things can’t stay the same but adjusting to   life’s ups and downs fear might drive me quite insane. Asymptotic’s not the curve of the decline of my life, I know one day it will all be over and I’ll be freed from mortal strife. But in my time remaining, though my humor’s gone from dark to black, I guess I’ll keep  on smiling; cursing old man in mirror who looks back.