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I’d been so long away
Nearly forgot my way back.
Back to your loving arms
And getting back on track.

In youth and arrogance
I thought I was the prize
But in marriage with you
From truth I cannot hide.

Lord knows I lost my way
And wound up so far down;
Never gave up on me
You turned my life around.

Some say I made my bed
That I brought on the pain
But with you as bed mate
It’s untold wealth I’ve gained.

We’d pledged a sacred vow
But it was more than that.
We share a beating heart
That did withstand attack.

When there was nothing left
Inside of me to give
When I was walking dead
Commanded me to live.

I know the pain I bore
I visited on you.
When others would have fled
You were not nearly through.

Such anguish and despair
We lived through every day.
You refused to let me
Just throw my life away.

I pray the worst has passed
But if prayers prove untrue
There is nobody else
Prefer life to go through.

You are the cornerstone
And essential bedrock.
Know that I love you, dear;
Quintessential shamrock.

Praying I’ve found my way
And risen from cold ground.
My earthly salvation
In you I’ve surely found.

I think I’m back to stay,
I think I’m here for you.
Infinite words of praise
Will ever be too few.