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Smile at glory of fireworks brightening night sky
Fort McHenry’s bombardment where oppressor’s rockets did fly
Scrappy, proud colonists who on this very day
Declared independence and with their blood did pay

Like Mom and apple pie is America to me
Comforting and familiar is my home of the free
Indoctrinated to see good in red, white and blue
I’m not blind to her faults but love her through and through

Union more perfect is what forebearers did seek
Of great, self-evident truths Declaration did speak
Unalienable Rights such as life and liberty
T.J. said patriots’, tyrants’ blood refresh Liberty Tree

Never is age of reason, it’s always age of might
Some proclaimed it treason but it was step towards greater rights
Besmirched by Two Thirds Compromise, chattel in the square
Founders’ Pledge of Sacred Honor hung heavy in the air

America, America where liberty was forged
Republic founded on self rule brought forth on New World’s shore
Great leaps forward that were taken toward self determination
Were the labor pains that accompanied birth of our great nation

From tiny acorn of  sovereignty our mighty oak did grow
Specter of noblesse oblige we still fight to overthrow
Patriots of strength and vision come from every caste
As toward greater equality our nation marches steadfast

There is no creation from Man that’s reached a perfect state
Noble experiment’s safety is far from inviolate
Such a simple premise right to pursue happiness in life
America the beautiful must shine in darkest night