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Glorious day in great land of the free
Finally feel like monkey’s off of me
Celebrate freedom by running a race
My wife, son, and friend after glory we chased

Twenty-three dozen lined up in the heat
Goal of racing’s to see who you can beat
Low man on totem in my little clan
Just shy of median is how I ran

Black consumption’s maw now just smiles
Once ferocious beast has turned meek and mild
Air again tastes sweet, each day brings some fun
Life’s more than a race, feel warmth of the sun

One-forty-nine finished ahead of me
One-twenty-two still more creepy-crawly
Worked awfully hard to go pretty slow
Son won his age group while wife and friend showed

Anguished, tortured days I have left behind
Left rats on their wheel, found a place sublime
Torment gnawing on marrow of my bones?
Finally outrun, swept it from my home

9:22 was average mile pace
Managed 9:39, no big disgrace
First place boy wonder kept to five-eighteen
Tail-end Charlie touch over seventeen

Wish I knew the words to portray my tale
Story of torture when my soul was jailed
When nothing mattered and nothing was good
Each day I battle my ingrained falsehoods

             A balance in life is what we must find
Reach for the stars as we climb up from the slime
            More than competition and metrics in life
Sometimes it’s our own hand that’s wielding sharp knife