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We met as lovers and married our futures together
Precocious children who knew that they’d found forever
It was in springtime when all of the flowers were blooming
Remember the train ride when people laughed at my grooming?

Such vibrant colors and every day you made me high
Cherished our sweet night endings entangled within your sighs
Amazingly lovely and far more than I did deserve
Declared you as par excellence with no trace of reserve

Spring brings us squally storms that are both fierce and mighty
You were steadfast but I fear my heart it was flighty
I had a woman but she had naught but a boy
Destroyed forever idyll with my playthings and toys

How disfiguring’s venom that comes from bite of one’s mate
Twas I that brought us from Heaven to Hell’s fiery gate
Betrayal of trust is a wound that won’t heal
Soul’s on the floor bleeding and arteries’ spurt can’t congeal

All of life’s colors changed from lovely to gray
To err is human but I drove my darling away
With love and patience grow mighty Redwoods from seeds
But I toppled our future when I felled our family tree

Years to decades in number have slowly tumbled by
December days remember beauty our shared May did provide
Daydream that in me now you’d see a much better man
A man who’s worthy of trying love over again

We met as lovers, I sullied our future together
Shattered our childhood by confusing tawdry for better
Our Earth revolved backwards to winter from spring
Into sweet blissfulness such pain I did bring