abraham_lincoln_statue_in_julia_davis_park_by_battle810-d5vbqw8John’s first shower had lasted less than three minutes but his second went on so long that the old, rusty drain pipe that led from the upstairs shower to the sewer system couldn’t keep up with the demand. By the time Joni and he finished their morning’s shower activities the water in the bottom of the tub was up to their ankles and the hot water had begun to run tepid.

Joni kissed him and separated from his embrace, saying, “That’ll have to hold you over till we have more time, I’ve gotta hurry,” she added, reaching over to the towel rack and grabbing a dry towel.

In her stretched out position Joni’s ass proved too much of an easy target for him and he reached over and pinched her left butt cheek. Her cheeks reflexively clenched and released and she laughed, “Stop it!” she giggled. “I’m going to have to hurry or else I’ll be late.”

“Just tell Bill it was a family emergency; you know, something came up.”

Joni just shook her head at him as she dried herself. John grabbed the towel he’d used earlier and used the moist, threadbare cloth to remove as much moisture from his body as he could. They both walked to their bedroom where Joni slipped into panties and a bra before grabbing a big pump bottle of Gold Bond moisturizing lotion which she spread over much of her body. John pumped two big portions into his hand and then rubbed lotion onto her back. When the lotion was gone he reached around and cupped both her breasts and in response she playfully smacked his hands saying, “Uh, uh, uh! Mommy spank!” She sang, “I got to move it, move it, baby,” then walked over to her dresser and put on jeans and a tee-shirt before she headed back to the bathroom, pulled out an old blow-dryer from underneath the sink and turned it on.

John pumped another portion of lotion into his hands and followed Joni back to the bath. He stood just outside the doorway, his naked rear end facing the steps, as he spread the Gold Bond over his arms, neck and face. He rubbed hard and vigorously so as to get the last little bit pushed deeply into his skin and gave concentrated vigilance to the backs of his hands and finger tips. “This is one thing I haven’t missed while living down south,” he said, lifting his hands into the air. “The need to use lotion. Man, oh man, I hope my fingers don’t crack like they used to.”

Joni looked at him in the mirror, turned the hair dryer off and asked, “Did you say something?”

John smiled. “Just commenting on the weather. It’s so dry up here in the winter. And cold,” he added, shivering.

Joni turned to him and said, “You’re standing here stark naked complaining that you’re cold? Isn’t there something about lighting a single candle rather than cursing the darkness? Get dressed, dummy,” she added, blowing him a kiss before putting the blow dryer away.

John shrugged. ‘Kind of hard to argue with that logic,’ he thought and he slipped back into the clothes he’d donned a short time ago and then started to return to the bathroom. As he reached the bedroom doorway the light in the bathroom switched off and Joni emerged. “You were done in there, weren’t you?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah. Two showers, brushed my teeth twice and shaved twice in less than half a day. I think I’m done. Just coming to look at you some more, peachy, peachy Peaches.” He kissed her before stepping out of the way so that she could come through the doorway and get back into their room. “And by the way? Even with my clothes on it’s still cold.”

“Meow,” Joni replied. “Better get used to it, Johnny boy. Just be thankful that we’re having a mild winter. It hit 32 here yesterday.”

“And it’s supposed to get up to 36 today and mid-forties later in the week. As I said, cold.”

Joni just laughed and then patted his cheek. “Pobre pobrecito,” she said. “I’ll do my best to keep you warm. Thanks for the shower, by the way. Just what the doctor ordered.”

John blushed a little before he managed to say, “Yeah. That was a little surprising. I mean, great! But surprising. I guess I figured you’d be, well, with your mom and all.”

Joni shrugged. “Life is for the living. And wasn’t it your Sci-Fi guy Robert Leinhein who said something about consoling widows?”

John tilted his head and looked at her for a second before laughing. “Oh! Heinlein, not Leinhein. And you’re not a widow,” he added. “At least not yet.”

Joni kissed him. “Not for a long, long time if I have anything to say about it. And either way, I need some consoling.”

With a big smile he said, “Well, ma’am, I’m always here for you.” Then in a far more somber tone added, “At least I am now.”

“Yes, and that will be wonderful. What’s on your agenda for the morning?”

“I hadn’t thought about it. I guess I figured we’d figure that out together. Why?” he asked suspiciously, “Do you have something in mind?”

“Well,” Joni replied, batting her eyelashes, “now that you mention it, why yes. Yes, I do.”