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Plans are amazing creatures. They can be filled with such hope and optimism. I have a plan for Wednesdays that I have ingeniously dubbed The Wednesday Plan. The Wednesday Plan deals mostly with exercise and my desire to spend time with the goddess, aka my darling wife.

You see, I have committed to running two to three miles one day a week as part of my exercise regimen. I cycle and swim most days and do a little strength and stretch regimen religiously but until last week I had stopped running except in foot or triathlon races. I can run whatever day I wish but The Wednesday Plan calls for a sunrise run followed by some recuperative stretches and then a swim.

The sunrise run part is part and parcel with my predilection to run in crisp, cool air. Give me air temps in the fifties Fahrenheit range and I’m in jogging jabalie heaven. The problem is that crisp cool air is generally unavailable in central Florida in the middle of July so the best that I can hope for is to run sans sun; the closest I can get to crisp and cool at 28 degrees north latitude is a predawn jog. As Gunny Highway says, “We adapt, we improvise, we overcome.” Or at least we plan to.

How does a predawn run jibe with spending more time with my wife? In no way what-so-ever. I’m an, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” kinda dude, (or at least I go to bed and get up early) while she sees as few sunrises as is humanly possible. Spending time with my wife comes at lunchtime. On Wednesdays W.W. works from home and we have a noon bike ride scheduled. (I suppose we could call that a nooner but that name is already taken.)

Remember what I said about a preference for cool runs? The same holds true for cycling but to a lesser extent. Left to my own devices I would be off the bike before 10:00 a.m. but if I’m going to ride with my shnookiewookums then it’s either at noon or during the evening rush hour (Rush hour cycling in Florida? That’s spelled D, E, A, T, H, W, I, S, H!) so we ride at noon.

So, The Wednesday Plan is pretty straightforward, early run, early swim, and then a bike ride five hours later. Remember when I said that plans are full of optimism, hope and dreams? Well today it wasn’t even that; today it was cast aside.

I cast aside the plan because my wife left me. Again. She does it a lot. She leaves me for work, she leaves me for pleasure and sometimes (I think) she leaves me to just get away from me. In any case this Wednesday she is holidaying with her sister, a niece and four grand nieces/nephews in the shadow of Atlantic City, New Jersey so I found myself spouse free and could follow whatever plan I felt best.

You know that predawn run thing? I didn’t get out until after eight. I ran my two slow miles, stretched and then hopped into the pool for a half mile swim. My swim was accompanied by a tympani of far off thunder so I put my bike ride on hold. The rain fell, the sun dried the roads and just before one I set out for an easy 18 mile ride. (BTW- I’m pretty sure that the itsy-bitsy spider did get washed down the drain but if he didn’t then he most assuredly did during the gully whumper that fell after I was home from my ride.)  Since cycling in 100% humidity beneath shadeless skies and temps in the upper 80’s gets me about as soaked as swimming I went ahead and swam another 1/10 mile when I got home. Ain’t nobody her except us fishes anyways.

Plans are good. I plan to follow The Wednesday Plan next week when my darling, my goddess, my Wonder Woman, my par excellence is home again but in the meantime I’ll do my best to adapt, improvise and overcome, because life is what happens smack dab in the middle of all that planning.

Be sure to move it, move it, baby!