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World teems with so much anger, world teems with so much hate,
World’s full of prima donnas who abuse their teammates.
Over inflated egos who long to steal the scene,
Who respond to frustration by shouting epithets obscene.

Act like children in their nappies carrying a load,
Who, facing tiniest obstacle, like dynamite explode.
They’re not responsible for their actions, not responsible at all.
All they know is when the shit lands, on them it must not fall.

Do they have weak egos or are they truly blind?
How do they get through life being only cruel, not kind?
Do they ever feel regret at the pain that they cause?
What happened in their pasts that made them so very flawed?

The words, “I did it and I’m sorry,” are empowering:
Cause pendulum to move from anger and toward forgiveness swing.
As a child from my mistakes I would run and hide;
Part of being adult is swallowing false pride.

I know it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way,
Mac Davis gave us the song about egotist’s malady.
Not a one of us is perfect and folks do better as a team
So next time instead of tantruming, stifle that infantile scream.

What’s the reason for your anger? What’s got you seeing red?
Rather than scream at others might want to ruminate instead.
The world ain’t out to get you, world don’t give a damn
But way we display displeasure separates boys from the men.