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From center of my box can’t quite touch any side
With arms extended fully feel like I’m being crucified
Excruciating pain comes from being all alone
I don’t know how to escape, don’t know where you’ve flown

Alone when it happened, I flailed and closed my eyes
In fraction of a second I saw my life hurtle by
I didn’t feel an impact or hear a screech deafening
But now I lie here motionless, can’t move a goddamned thing

There is no long dark tunnel with a bright light at the end
In waking nightmare I lay buried and from grave cannot ascend
I know that I have consciousness, I’m sure that I have form
Pray that from catatonic paralysis I’ll awaken in the morn

But I no longer see a difference between nighttime and the day
Time and senses run together in never ending gray
Have I been sentenced to just lie here for rest of my life?
Separated from sensation, touch of my children and wife?

Who, what, when, where, how did I enter macabre scene?
World where nothing matters and I can’t even scream
#Impotent and #insignificant now are my hash tags
How do I fight a demon crushed by infinite sandbags?

In Siberian stockade of solitude hypothermia’s turned me blue
Tiny pinprick of daylight is memory of life I knew
Though my lids are shuttered I can see her with my mind
Envision her waiting upon high summit so upward I must climb

Progress is hard to measure when you can’t do a single thing
But for her I’ll keep trying to find uplifting wings
With a single step is how every journey starts
I’ll break free from confinement to rejoin girl who owns my heart

I am both jailer and inmate and it is I who must turn the key
Though others long to help, final burden falls on me
My eyes are slowly opening to the colors all around
It was I who stumbled on the path and I who must rise from the ground

Here inside my box from life I’m insulated
Need to embrace the world to feel my pain abated
At times we all must walk alone but that’s no way to live
The time is now to break my chains, no longer be captive