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It was H. W. Longfellow who said, “Into each life some rain must fall,” and on Saturday, July twenty-ninth some fell on me.

One of my touch-points in my slog to fitness is a weekly cycling goal of 100+ miles. Having skipped my Sunday the 23rd ride I thought the goal unlikely to be achieved for the week ending Saturday 07/29/17 but I persevered and in my own, odd, OCD way tried to let the disappointment run off me like water off a duck’s quack, er, back. I likely would not reach my seven day goal in 86% of the nominal time but I told myself not to let it bother me.

Of course it did.

My combined total for Wednesday’s and Thursday’s rides was 54 miles. Monday, Tuesday and Friday I did my 12-mile-before-work ride so Saturday morning I was siting pretty at a bit over 90 miles; all I had to do was ride my normal 12 mile workday ride and I would tap out at 102. Hurray for me!

I set out and circled the block eight times before it began to rain. The rain was pleasant but there’s lots of twists and turns in my .97 mile residential block and I fear the neighborhood drivers aren’t very attentive. I had been “zipping along” at a 17.5 mph average but I slowed to accommodate the greater risk. The rain fell for about two miles worth of riding and then stopped. The roads dried immediately (NOT!) and I sped back up top my former pace. (NOT!)

I finished lap number ten when I realized I only needed ten miles to get to one-hundred. In my little, “Ah-Ha!” moment I decided that ten miles brings me to goal and that if I cut my ride short I can spend a bit more time swimming. I hit the pool, swam 3/10 of a mile and exited the water feeling satisfied, purified and justified.

I wound up riding 10.17 miles/ 35:20 at a pace of 17.2 mph and swam my 3/10 mile in 13:04, which is a good pace for me. I told myself that tomorrow is another day and that surely I’ll get in a nice long Sunday bike ride.

The only problem is that Shirley wasn’t listening.

Sunday the thirtieth dawned with a little rain and more rain in the forecast. I checked the local Minute Forecast (they have such things down here in volatile F-L-A) and discovered that there was a solid 120 minute rain free time span heading to my neighborhood. Two hours is longer than I’d planned to ride but I wasted 1/4 of the time before heading out on my bike. I’d traveled 1.6 miles when a light rain began to fall and I did a little reality check.

Reality is that Florida drivers scare the tar out of me and even though 99% of my ride would be on residential roads that one percent would be on a busy, six-lane. I made an executive decision to abort mission and headed home. (Funny how often the one-percent spoils things for the rest of us, isn’t it?)

Down on points but not down for the count I regrouped and decided to run instead of ride. I changed clothes, put on my running shoes and cap, grabbed a waist mounted holder for my H2O and started circling the block in my trudge, trudge, trudge way. Determined to get some exercise I resolved to do three and 1/4 laps, thus equaling my cycling distanced of 3.2 miles.

Trudge I declared and trudge I did, managing to achieve positive splits with every lap. (A positive split is definitely viewed as a negative because it means each successive lap is slower than the previous; a real slap in the face to the old ego.) The only enjoyable part of my run was waving to a toddler who was out first with her grandfather and then her papa as I waddled by and then my final 1/4 mile when I was able to catch an even slower runner before I threw in the towel and walked home.

I managed to run the 3.2 miles in an awesome time of 34:40; a pace few nonagenarians could maintain for my five plus kilometers.

On a roll, I decided to go for the trifecta and make my workout a three legged stool by throwing in a little swim. Three point two miles was today’s magic number so I decided to also swim 3.2 miles.

In a pigs eye.

I did swim a bit over 1/3 mile (.35 miles for anyone who cares) in 16:16 before declaring enough’s enough.

By the way, the rain never materialized. After the brief very light shower there was no more rain and I could have gone for a ninety minute ride rather than mish-mashed my way through an odd workout. Either way I moved and movement makes us all winners.

Be sure to MIMIB.