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One-forty-eight and I’m reaching for you;
Our bed is empty, no one to turn to.
You went away and left me all alone,
Without your presence our house is no home.

There’s no one to talk to, no one to touch,
No good morning kisses, miss you so much.
I miss your sweet smile and holding you tight,
Miss feeling your warmth in our bed at night.

When you are absent my world’s incomplete,
Without your dear presence find I can’t sleep.
Flat on my back with my eyes open wide;
Longing for you as dark seconds crawl by.

One-forty-eight changes to three-oh-five:
Insomniac torture, wish I could hide.
There’s no hiding from fact I need you,
Four in the morning finds me feeling blue.

I cast my mind back to days long ago,
We stand side by side, a girl and her beau,
Swear I feel your heart beat inside your chest.
I flee our bed; it affords me no rest.

Just been seven days since you went away
And you’ll be back when the sun sets today
But I’m still lonely and aching for you;
My absent darling, I need you beaucoup.

Is it symbiosis or just weakness?
Without your presence all is dark bleakness.
Week without you is naught but existence
Soul withers and dies without your presence.

Lonely restless nights in our loving bed
With your return tonight are going to end.
Sixteen hours separate you from me,
Two-thirds of a day spent lost and lonely.

Still black of night but see sliver of dawn
Quantum of comfort once the sun has shown.
I’ll get through my morning, trudge through my day
And with your return pain will slip away.

Six-forty-eight and I’m dreaming of you;
I’ve made empty bed, day I’ll stumble through.
Thankful tonight in my arms you shall lay
And ever my darling pray you will stay.