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Beneath light and warmth
of the nearest star
descendants gathered
bow to blood’s power.

Before an altar
bathed in brightest light,
her remains ensconced,
her soul still in sight.

I ate His body
and tasted the blood
of The Way, The Truth,
The Almighty’s love.

Bread unleavened,
wine adulterated;
to peace from hatred.

Half century back,
time of black and white,
first held His body,
blinded by His light.

Unschooled, innocent;
a trusting young child:
Sacred mystery
left me beguiled.

Could not comprehend
nor fathom the depths
of mystic power;
two syllables breath.

Single word uttered,
“Amen,” I believe!
Proclaimed trembling lips
as bread I received.

What had once been wheat
now dear Savior’s flesh,
as I sip upon
blood that does refresh.

His great sacrifice
long eons ago
has unburdened Man
from weight of sorrow.

Transported me now
to holy embrace
for which I’ve hungered
and now again taste.

The doubt of Thomas
assuaged by a touch,
was minor indeed
says this Godless wretch.

The grace amazing
that I’ve taken in
will not overcome
temptation of sin.

Great torrent of tears
were true and sincere.
My weakness of faith
I’ve proved through the years.

The moment has passed,
the casket is closed:
Magnificence seen
is now wilted rose.

Oh, God! Almighty!
Remember your son!
Heart does beseech
though I turn and run.