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You welcomed me into your home first day that we met
I was just a puppy whose ears were still wet.
Just a lonely coon dog who came down from land of red ferns,
we all were clueless about how we’d sojourn.

Called my baby Buttons and you were a piece of work,
had no way of knowing how numerous were our quirks.
You were a mama bear with a bun in your oven;
accepted me with open arms and heart full of loving.

Day paths collided one month after thirtieth birthday;
preparing for festival of sister’s wedding cachet.
That was long ago, torrents beneath the bridge,
but in all the time I’ve known you loved you like a sis.

Leo lioness is your zodiac sign
while I was born an Aries when heavens did align.
One-hundred-eighty degrees separation in astral plane
and though we’re very different love you just the same.

Eighth day, eighth month and fifty marks day of your birth
today we celebrate your sixty-seven years on Earth.
Cyclone of madness and melee around us may swirl
no doubt we both are crazy but you’re an oyster’s pearl.