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     May have been the mushrooms, may have been the booze, just know it all ended when I squeezed Leslie’s boobs. Leslie’s boobs, Leslie’s boobs, those double D’s just make me swoon.

     Found that I was tripping and fell down a hole, Grace Slick she was singing about Alice of Carrol. Mathematician Dodgson had Alice sitting on his face; I was awfully worried that my mind had been erased.

     Don’t do hallucinogenics, man, I stay away from weed! But whatever I’d ingested had me tripping at full speed. I was hunkered down with Klinger, yeah, he was in drag, and that hairy Lebanese dude was looking good for an old hag.

    Can’t tell you how we got there but we were in Fox hole, Horowitz screamed, “Get ready!” as Kim Jong Un came o’er the knoll. Corporal Klinger looked at me, then took me in his arms, we shared manly embrace as we prepared to buy the farm.

     Leslie’s boobs, Leslie’s boobs, it all ended when I squeezed Leslie’s boobs.

    Much to my surprise, and infinite delight, next thing that I knew I was running through the night. Poitier was on my left and we were both chained to Tony Curtis, defiantly running from the law made me awful nervous.

     We hopped aboard a freight train, swam across a swamp, trailer for our action called it, “A merry romp!” Our great escape from prison morphed to a marathon, oh, great googly-moogly, what the hell am I tripping on?!

     Ebenezer, he was laughing, screamed, “It’s just some undigested beef!” All’s I know I’m running like a cop from the thieves. The marathon exhausting had nearly done me in, I was sweaty, I was tired when I time hopped again.

     Leslie’s boobs, Leslie’s boobs, it all ended when I squeezed Leslie’s boobs.

     There at the race’s finish stood Leslie looking so demure, I hoped that in her presence I’d again find my footing secure. She laid a lei on me and I pecked both her cheeks, but like David Mueller I Swiftly acted like a freak.

    I bussed lovely Leslie firmly on the mouth that wasn’t so exceptional nor was it uncouth. It was my following action that had Leslie crying foul for it was at that moment that I groped her and she yowled.

     Woke up feeling thirsty from a very vivid dream, glad to know that I’d only imagined treating my friend obscene.  Lot of crazy things right now floating round as news and in the future need to remember portabellas not to abuse.

     Leslie’s boobs, Leslie’s boobs, it all ended when I squeezed Leslie’s boobs.