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     Damnable mud races bringing civilization down, folks with no understanding of principles quite sound. That Yahweh God created Adam from the dirt, then used Adam’s rib to make Eve appear in a skirt. Ham and Shem are proof of white superiority. There ain’t no sense in arguing; it’s divine authority. Y’all know Eve and Adam were goddamned lily white; if you disbelieve, look at pics in Bible for insight!

     We all have our places on this vast plane we call the Earth, some are meant for hewing, while others have finer birth. Now, all you lower races, you shufflers in the sand? We’ll get along much better if you acknowledge hierarchy of Man. At the very top is those of us of Aryan descent. We’re the natural leaders, on this we’ll brook no discontent. Each of us created by supreme being we call God, our blond hair and blue eyes make us perfect for overseers’ jobs.

     When we have proper order, read that as white on top, then the world ticks along in harmony like German cuckoo clock. It’s the way the world was run for first six thousand years until we started giving “rights” to monkey men and queers. All you rainbow warriors and race mixing snowflakes, who are pulling down hero’s statues as you deride what made US great? Have really just two choices in fight of our lives: Bow down to White Culture or be prepared to die.

     Southern flag of heritage, sacred Stars and Bars, Nicola Marschall’s masterpiece that flew over great land of ours? Has been labeled as a symbol of divisiveness and hate and banished from the colors of all but Mississippi State! We’re not looking to do battle but we must protect our own; there wouldn’t be a need to fight if y’all’d just go home. Back to the steaming jungles and cannibal debauchery; we really got no use for you in land of the free.

     Just put down your stupid placards and shove your asinine signs, be thankful we let you live here sucking your watermelon rind. It was manifest destiny that pushed white power from sea to sea, “Make America White Again!” Send blacks back to Barbary. We KKK alt-righters took Virginia’s slogan and put it to the test, with a little march that put racial equality lie out to rest. Charlottesville, Virginia marchers goose stepped in name of hate? This is fake-news narrative provided by race traitor reprobates.

     It wasn’t us who broke the peace as we celebrated greatness; and we really had no choice than to stand up to those who hate us. Now that Muslim forty-four foreigner can no longer spread his lies, it emboldens us to know that forty-five considers us allies. Today we are beginning to reclaim our rightful place at the top of the pyramid in culture, power, race. So, true men gird your loins and prepare to do battle, because the time has come to win white man’s holy battle.