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One was fifty-seven.
Two hit sixty-one.
Three’s the same as One.
Four also fifty-seven,
that was President Madison.

Five made fifty-eight,
Six we’re back to One.
Seven’s tied with Two,
Eight was fifty-four-years, son.

Nine was fifty-eight,
did not last that long,
‘fraid old Willy Harrison
died ‘fore a month was done.

Ten brings us back to fifty-one,
Eleven’s only forty-nine.
Twelve was Taylor made ,
started at sixty-four
and died at sixty-five.

cower at thirteen.
Thirteen’s Millard Fillmore,
who at fifty reigned supreme.

four times twelve,
while Fifteen was sixty-five.
At fifty-two Old Abe began
and we know through history
Johnny Wilkes caused
old Abe’s demise.

Seventeen was fifty-six,
Eighteen, full decade less.
Nineteen, Rutherford B. Hayes,
was fifty-four not one day less.

Twenty was cat named Garfield,
at forty-nine assumed the throne.
Twenty didn’t hold it very long
for soon a cold grave was his home.

FDR was Thirty-Two,
his age was fifty-one,
an age that was shared by
Thirty, Twenty-Seven and Twenty-One.

Twenty-Two through Twenty-Five
go four-seven, five-five,
five-five, fifty-four.
Ain’t running low on presidents,
hell, I got a whole score more!

Twenty-Six was Franklin’s cousin,
he carried a big stick,
he hated nickname Teddy
but at forty-two was stuck with it.

Herbert Hoover, Thirty-One,
was fifty-four years old,
afraid Great Depression
ruined his Great War reputation.

Truman was Thirty-Three,
sixty when handed ball by FDR,
buck passing stopped with him,
damn H-Bombs left big scars.

Thirty-Four was JFK,
our second youngest Pres,
was forty-three when started
and at forty-six
Lee Harvey shot him dead.

Thirty-Seven, Tricky-Dick,
fifty-six was starting age.
Famous for declaring,
“I am not a crook.”
Plumbers he sent to Watergate
created a huge donnybrook.

Forty, Ronny Regan,
was lickety-split age 69.
Survived John Hinckley’s bullet,
Jodi Foster obsessed shooter
was ruled out-of-his-mind.

Answer to everything,
by Doug Adams we are told,
is Bill Clinton’s Forty-Two
who was forty-six years old.

BHO was Forty-Four,
US’s first black skinned president.
With him I share a birth-year
and at age of forty-seven
to White House he went.

Brings us to the last,
our “Ultimate” President,
at seventy-years of age
starts as our oldest
White House resident.

Washington took office
end of April, 1789
Two-hundred-twenty-nine years later
traditions have enshrined.

Not sure where we’re going,
there’s debate bout where we’ve been,
sure wish next election
we’d shoo out the politicians
and elect stateswomen and statesmen.