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Thomas was his father, Thomas his nephew,
Thomas is the name with which he was imbued.
Moniker for father was Tommy or Tom,
son of my wife’s sister truly is the bomb.

TFC is Thomas, with a Francis beat,
Cunningham is surname, can you smell the peat?
Thomas has nephew Thomas, which isn’t strange;
my nephew Thomas now uses middle name.

Francis’s grandfather, father to my wife,
was Christened Francis Joseph one cold winter night.
My father’s name was Francis, common given name,
my grandson and brother’s boy all share the same.

Names on a carousel circling round and round,
sometimes get confusing and my wits confound.
Regardless what we call him, or moniker,
today Thomas Francis turns two-score, My word!

Loved you as a toddler, love you as a man,
love you on your birthday and you whole lifespan.
I am just the man who married your mom’s sis,
‘tween we two no consanguinity exists.

Happy birthday, Thomas Francis, my first nephew,
hope your day is filled with sweetest things for you.
Your lifetime journey began on March the first,
as you march forward pray in love you’re immersed.