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Image result for Jesus with palm frondsJoyful Christ triumphant on this day of palms,
greeted as Messiah by the cheering throngs.
Line his path with palm fronds as he passes by,
hail Sacrificial Lamb who’s sentenced to die.

Judas travels with him, Barabbas awaits;
traveling companion traitor, seals our common fate.
Gethsemane garden, soldier lend an ear!
Day of jubilation! Passover meal draws near.

Hail the strength of Peter! Swears he knows him not;
Thomas’ explorations await his doubts.
Freewill! Predestination? Saved by words or deeds?
Future generations’ dogmatic mysteries.

Today is Palm Sunday! Son is shining bright!
Jesus’ excructiation not yet in sight.
Whole, wide world joyful! The King, Son of Man,
enters Jerusalem! Rejoice land of Canaan!