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He is dead you are defeated goes the steady beat, beat, beat.
Crucified for insurrection now lies dead beneath our feet.
Strength is power, hate is mighty, kowtow or be filleted;
there is a proper order, know your place, you filthy knaves.

We are splendid, we are royal, it is we who know the truth;
Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité is just a ruse.
We, the ruling power, control all you think, feel, do and say
from alpha to omega’s never been any other way.

By the gods we were created, by their power sent to rule.
With authority supernatural; know we will not suffer fools.
Look at you, cold and hungry, from us demanding bread?
Just remember, we’ve the power, it is by our hands you’re fed.

Stay in line, bread and circus, we are a force benevolent.
Common cause, all come together, stoning those with strange accents.
Castigate unworthy foreigners who from you food and jobs just steal
everyone in hierarchy needs a bitch that they make kneel.

Thoughts of freedom, thoughts of mercy? Fantasies that make you weak.
What became of false messiah? Crucified Him till He shrieked.
There’s no beating swords to plowshares, no loving sibling as yourself.
Garbed in flag, guns in hands, we unloose scimitars from their sheaths.

There’s a certain proper order and it’s certain I am head.
Follow me, obey instructions, as we smite our enemies dead.
Today’s a day for action, barbarians are at the gate:
Cannot live on toothless fancy, must protect ourselves from hate.

Yesterday we crucified Him and forever may He rot.
Peace and love He was preaching? You see just what that message brought.
Oh, mighty minions! Do unto others fore they do to you.
We were meant to go on hating; what’s world with one less Jew?