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Been reared on a lie swore she disbelieved,
promised forever with cards up His sleeve.
Burning desire, she knew wasn’t love;
simple attraction, tonight was enough.

White picket fences and great big backyard
she was to worship; attraction just fraud.
Demure and proper and taught to abstain;
no longer playing faux coquettish game.

She knows what she wants and knows how to get;
he’s hot and ready she’s thoroughly wet.
Still, inhibitions of girl born and bred
taught her value’s based on waiting till wed.

Devil or angel, vile sinner or saint
his rock and hard place, for her holy taint.
Mindful rejection of what’s held her down,
needs transformation ‘fore she goes to town.

Oh, patriarchy! Oh, dichotomy!
So long been waiting, longing to be free.
Free of restrictions from Biblical times;
two bodies merging, sensations sublime.

Original Sin had forced down her throat,
says it’s outmoded but still gets her goat.
Mores and customs created by Man;
swears they’re barbaric, a Cabal’s dark plan.

Sensuous pleasures that ignite her soul
are all around her, rebellion’s her goal.
Cast off the shackles of patriarchy
her body’s her own, she longs to run free.

It’s only natural, and it’s only right;
live for the moment reject the uptight.
She sings to Crosby, to Nash, Stills and Young,
love one that you’re with, anonymous fun.

She sips and smiles, taps foot to the beat,
she’s hot and ready, she radiates heat,
but boys who smile as they look her way?
-she looks away from though she longs to play.

Been reared on a lie swore she disbelieved,
promised forever with cards up his sleeve.
Burning desire, will her depths he plumb?
Simple attraction, when will her time come?