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Chairman of the bored pounded for order,
great sighs of ennui whined non sequitors.
“Minutes from our last meeting that we held
have been notarized, now are duly shelved.

“Anniversary that this day does mark
when, some years ago, we all felt a spark.
A spark of in’trest, thought that we might find,
thing to give meaning to our empty lives.

“We’ve tried sex and drugs, such debauchery!
Excitement don’t last, we’re back to ennui.”
From back of the room tiny hand was raised,
chairman raised eyebrows, asked, “What’ve you to say?”

“I’ve just been thinking,” young teen answered back,
“maybe we should try a whole ‘nother tack.
Heard satisfaction is found in service.
Know it sounds nutty, and unsagacious.”

Words to sedated did not penetrate;
confused bored members found thought apostate.
Chairman of the bored he ruminated,
“That thought’s so absurd, might be watershed.”

Thus, great bored body voted on idea
that acts of service boredom might repeal.
Billions attended, seven cast their votes,
debate decided? Four nay saying goats.

Maintained status quo of diversions grand
great unfulfillment now law of the land.
The teen of reason, service suggester?
Abandoned her search and became grifter.

Chairman of the bored headed to Vegas
snorted some cocaine from stripper’s cleavage.
“Strangers In the Night,” was his wedding song,
took seventeen weeks ‘fore marriage went wrong.