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Image may contain: 1 person, closeupAnger du jour under the lens,
jumping off point or sheep in pens?
Wow! Did you hear? What woman said?
All over news. Fills heart with dread.
Attention’s bid, celebrity,
making a splash in Land Of Free.
Andy Warhol, five minutes fame.
(Was quarter hour; attention wanes.)

So many lies we’re swallowing;
religion’s not Marx ‘s citing.
The opiate of the sheeple
mass distractions that just baffle.
Baffle the mind, boggle the soul,
such sleight of hand never grows old.
Like naughty child who misbehaves
to catch the eye, boredom to stave.

Hole in the dike let’s water in,
the pressure’s on, soon sink or swim.
We are the flood of distraction
importance lost, inundation.
Red tide surrounds, we’re harmful bloom
toxins we love, daily consume.
Let’s polarize on left and right,
don’t address cause; square off and fight!

Education or swallow whole
cause of malaise that taints our souls?
People create lies from whole-cloth,
pause short moment ‘fore acting moth.
Moth round a flame, wings getting burned
surely past time sheeple did learn,
learn to question dread we’re spoon fed;
just quick fact check ‘fore lies we spread.