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WARNING! Grossly coarse language- sexual violence.


Caleb found the master bedroom and let out a hoot. “Hey, Marti!” he declared, stretching out the “e” sound, “Guess what I found!” he added in sing-song as he walked from the bedroom to the front door where Marti lay crammed against the wall.

Standing over his victim Caleb declared, “A great big bed where the two of us can get to know each other! Isn’t that great?” he asked, reaching down and grabbing her by an ankle.

Marti, with feet bound and arms and legs tied together behind her back, had little room to respond but she used what little slack the rope afforded to flail impotently away.

“Why, Marti,” Caleb declared, a lopsided grin filling his face, “I’d almost think that you don’t want to play. That can’t be right, can it?”

“You leave that poor woman alone!” Mrs. McNutt demanded from her confined position. “I called you an animal before and I was right! Animal!” she screamed.

Caleb looked toward the old woman and grinned wider. “Oh, come on Mrs. Mic N, don’t get yourself in a lather. I been watching good ole Marti Pants for days and I can absolutely assure you I ain’t gonna do anything to her she don’t deserve. Biggest bitch I ever met, despite her temptress exterior. I’m just gonna give her a little bit of her own, that’s all.

“Ain’t I, Hot Mama?” Caleb added, grinning down at Marti.

“No, Daddy!” Skylar demanded, making the chair to which she was bound hop up and down. “No! Stop it.”

“Oh, Skylar, I’m sorry. It’s part of Elohim’s plan. The righteous shall bring His judgement to bear on the unrighteous. Me an Marti here got us a date an were gonna have us a real heart to heart,” Caleb declared before lowering his voice and adding, “As well as a few other body parts ta other body parts, if’n ya knows what I mean, Hot Mama.”

Returning his voice to conversational levels he declared, “Don’t fret, child. It’ll all make sense once we strip your heart of Lucifer’s lies. Give me five minutes; I’ll be right back,” he said, dragging Marti into the bedroom as his daughter and Mrs. McNutt yelled for him to stop.

Once in the bedroom Caleb bent at the knees and hoisted Marti to the top of the old double bed, dropping her unceremoniously on the weathered, white, frayed bedspread. “Why look, Marti,” he said, removing the knife from its sheath and laying it on the bed before bending low to get to her ear. “the bedspread’s white, like a bride’s dress! Ain’t that sweet?” he added, pulling her tight top down and cupping her left breast.

Marti’s eyes flared in anger as she flailed her head left and right, screaming as best she could, but the duct-tape kept her volume low and her articulation unintelligible.

“You like that don’t cha?” Caleb asked, picking up the knife and pressing the blade against Marti’s nipple. “My what big knockers you have,” Caleb continued in a big-bad-wolf voice, “Is that all the better to bring men to sin with, bitch?” he asked with a laugh, pinching her nipple between his thumb and the knife blade until it pinked with a spot of blood.

Marti flinched in pain, a guttural sound escaping her throat as Caleb, licking the blood from her breast asked, “Same doctor who gave you that little WASP nose give you them bodacious boobies? What was his name? Doctor Nosenstein or Doctor Boobelah? Either way, God knows you got ‘em the old-fashioned way; on your back.

“Speaking a back, I’m gonna leave you be fer a bit. Gotta check on Mrs. McN and Skylar. Now you wait here, you hear?” he asked with a laugh as he closed the bedroom door behind him.

Marti stared at the knife Caleb had left lying on the bed, trying frantically to free herself.