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Bullying is alive and well and flourishing in our nation’s airports. This gives those of us with the means to travel by air an opportunity to experience what it is to be a second-class US citizen, at least for a few short minutes. Every time I fly I get an object lesson in small minded, contemptuous and contemptible people displaying what it is like to hold the upper hand and to use that power capriciously. Thank you, TSA-Holes, thank you.

I began flying in 1972 and have watched the infrastructure of Security evolve from the ground up. Airport security is an essential, boring, thankless job and its culture produces bullies who know they have us by the short hairs. In short, TSA-Holes are a microcosm of what keeps America from being great.

Discrimination is about inferior people in positions of power using their might to do wrong. The TSA employs nearly 58,000 cop-wanna-bes, many sporting the de rigueur skin-headed coiffure of law enforcement, who have a difficult job. The TSA must perform their repetitive, disaster preventing, lifesaving tasks efficiently and this leads to brusque handling of we the sheeple. TSA brusqueness is inevitable but it’s TSA bullying that I’m calling out. TSA-Holes bully without need because they know that they have power and passengers do not, that they have the upper hand and we sheeple must kowtow if we are to enter unto the promised land.

One-sided power structures, power structures where the poor are in need and the powerful enjoy an exalted position of  gate-masters contemptuously controlling a Go, No Go scenario, is exactly what the disenfranchised experience throughout their days. We, the people of means with the financial wherewithal to fly the friendly skies, are given an opportunity to experience impotence every-time we pass through airport security lines and for this I thank our TSA-Holes for opening my eyes.

Treating airline passengers as cattle is a financial necessity. Queuing us in snaking, open ended pens, drug, bomb or gunpowder detecting dogs sniffing at our heels and bags as we plod forward, is an efficient, economical way to clear the entire population of our fourth largest city through airport security on a daily basis. One-and-three-fourths-million people is a lot of sheeple to move and brusqueness is a byproduct of cheap mass production, especially federally mandated cheap mass production. I get brusqueness, I understand that chit-chat and smiles is not the province of TSA-Holes, what I don’t get is snark for the sake of snark and contempt for the customers whose job it is to keep safe.

Hey! TSA-Holes! We’re the very reason you have jobs! Sneering is not a necessity when repeating the same line time after time. Sorry that you have an important but boring as hell job, but perhaps you could entertain yourselves in ways that don’t revolve around humiliating people who are unfamiliar with your routine? You might even stop using that vocal inflection that tells us exactly what you think of yourselves whenever you’re forced to speak to the sheeple. No?

Exactly the problem. TSA-Holes know they have power, they can make us miss our flights, they can have us arrested, hell, they can use physical violence if in their minds the situations warrants it. In their minds. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? “Who shall guard the selfsame guardians?”

My economic position, my skin color and my outward appearance of conformity greatly insulates me from the raw, hot-wire world of ubiquitous, blatant discrimination but every once in a while I get a hearty helping of  USA-Hole. Thanks, TSA-Holes for reminding me what it’s like for far too many.

Where’s Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben when we need him?