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My body’s a temple as well as playground,
in vast sea I frolic, relish chance to drown.
Crests thrusting me skyward to rapturous heights
sun slides into ocean, surrounded by night.

These watershed moments, sines of the times,
when head’s topsy-turvy, penance for my crimes.
My scars are internal, but easily accessed,
though appear rock-steady, foundation’s a mess.

So many times carried along by riptide
dreamed of sweet surrender, long for peace of mind.
An end to the drowning feel every day,
my romp in the temple could just fade to gray.

Instead of a sine wave move on to flat-line
need sanctification, eternal resign.
In deep resignation let waves push me down
when joy’s gone from living hear the sirens’ song.

But there on horizon small sliver of light;
once again I’ve survived an eternal night.
I’ve passed through the darkness, damaged viewed at dawn,
not sure that I’m grateful, I’ll keep keeping on.

Sunshine on the water allows me to see
vast army of bodies face down in the sea.
I’ve floated through maelstrom, but I leave behind
endless kindred spirits who no light could find.

Our bodies are temples that crumble and fall
playground’s not enticing for soul that’s been mauled.
There’s spars in the ocean upon which to cling
dark night, dead of winter, followed by dawning.