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          Around blind-curve hidden by shrub, intersection where car nose shoved. Car’d inched its way into my path, caused me great fright and life to pass. Frightened to core, behemoth, as I approached gave me a fit. Before my eyes feared I was done, run over by uncaring one.

          Driver that inched came to a stop I waved my thanks as I rode off. Thanked the driver for doing job not hitting me in scene macabre. My wave of thanks to some seems strange, but coexist is name of game. These SUVs and compact cars are very large while I am small. My Right of Way won’t help at all if we collide could end with fall, my life snuff out while driver sits with naught but scratch, perhaps small dent.

          I raise my hand, give hearty wave, reinforcing decision made. I do my part, obey road rules, use flashing lights as safety tools. I’ve lights that blink to catch the eye, need all to see so I don’t die. Encountering situation of courtesy I raise my thumb. I raise my thumb and then ride on continuing intersection.

          I point to right to indicate the path I’ll take illuminate. I stop at sign, I go when clear and then observe in rear-view mirror the little car to which I’d waved still followed me so, feeling brave, I waved again to reinforce cam’raderie as we went forth.

          I cannot say, for did not see if that driver waved back at me, but as she passed my eye did spy bumper sticker that made me smile. A single word, just Coexist, adorned hind-end, caused mouth to twist; my mouth did twist, I barked a laugh, coexistence is all I ask.