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Caleb Ezra Morse pled not guilty and got out of prison on a technicality- technically he was dead. Caleb’s kidnapping, sexual, and aggravated assault charges fell under the federal hate crime umbrella and the federal prosecutor offered him a plea deal if he would provide evidence against the Elohim jihadist. Caleb had laughed at the prosecutor and later bragged to his fellow Elohim detainees that the prosecutor thought he could be bought with Judas’ silver.

Within a week of the offer, Caleb was found beaten to death in his cell, the hair and blood of one David Demetrius found in Caleb’s cell, along with Demetrius’ DNA on the murder weapon. What could have been damning evidence against a man who had openly fought with Caleb on the exercise lawn instead perplexed prison authorities. How could Demetrius’ DNA appear in Morse’s cell two days after Demetrius had been released from custody; a release that had been made possible via DNA evidence that eliminated David Demetrius as a suspect in his pending trial?

Caleb’s phone records and personal belongings led to one John Farmer who, faced with charges of conspiracy to kidnap, rape, torture and murder, had readily agreed to act as a confidential informant against the Elohim and his brother-in-law, Bishop Scudder. Elohim’s Army was on the run and authorities felt that Karla Karen Kisor was an unlikely target.

Caleb’s phone also held pictures of Evah Lovin, an African-American, transgender entertainer that Morse and Scudder had raped, killed and left in a shallow Mobile, Alabama grave. Caleb’s phone held a treasure trough of information that was used in establishing evidence against Scudder and his Elohim’s followers.

Upon Evah’s disappearance, a reward had been established by her many adoring fans for evidence leading to the discovery of MS Lovin’s whereabouts. Based on the evidence that Caleb Morse’s arrest had provided, the one-hundred-thousand-dollar reward went to Manny Taisto, Karla Kisor, Suzann Layher and Stacie Shannon. Stacie and Suzann attempted to give their $25,000 reward to Karla, but she refused, declaring, “Fair is fair.”

Karla and Suzann then established a 529, qualified tuition plan in Skylar’s name that each woman contributed $15,000 to. Manny Taisto, upon hearing of the generosity of his friend Suzann as well as that of her young co-worker, Stacie, contributed $5,000 to the account. “What? I don’t even know the woman. Plus, I could a been killed. Give me a fricking break, here.”

Because Karla’s residence was physically separate from Mrs. McNutt’s, the police and McNutt estate allowed her and Skylar to continue living in the tiny rented shack. The arrangement, though generous, proved untenable due to frequent, overwhelming nightmares that Skylar experienced. They were able to find affordable accommodations within walking or riding distance of Interlachen Elementary. Karla purchased a too small but much beloved Disney Princess bicycle for Skylar from Goodwill.

Sara Kohnen and Marti stopped referring to one another as “steps” and instead simply called each other Mom and daughter. Mark Kohnen, upon his wife’s insistence, reminded his wife of her demeanor when her less desirable traits surfaced. The favorable change in Marti and Sara’s relationship was marked, Mark’s and Marti’s not as much.

Fourth grade placed Sara and Skylar in separate classes but the two remained best friends. Marti frequently invited Karla and Skylar over for swims in the family pool.

Stacie Shannon’s fourth year of teaching was as heartfelt as her first three and she found her increase in confidence a blessing in dealing with fellow staff, parents and teachers. Jim Lance beat out Tyler Hinnenkamp for Stacie’s romantic attentions. The two are engaged but have not yet set a date.