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All or nothing, in or out,
“You’re dead wrong!” is rabid shout.
“From conception human-being!”
versus forced incubating.

Absolute, no middle ground,
close their minds and fists just pound.
Privacy insured by Roe.
Woman decides if life grows.

“Not your business! Move along!
I decide what’s right or wrong.
Self-determination rules,
won’t be patriarchal tools.”

“Simple tissue to be sloughed?!”
Moans the From Conception Crowd.
“God is good and God is great!
Must repent before too late!”

How do we define human?
When is moment life’s begun?
From Conception’s doctrinaire,
search for middle-ground out there.

Middle-ground in equal rights
where one’s gain is others plight.
Building block is Right To Choose,
for one to win one must lose.

All or nothing is obscene.
Talking about human-beings.
Children have a Right To Life,
women deserve equal rights.

Men are not forced to give birth,
Nature flaunts unequal worth.
Solution satisfact’ry
not found in seventy-three.

No answer neat and tidy
to solve conundrum mighty.
Forcing motherhood’s no good,
there’s diff’rence ‘tween Can and Should.

Nature has conspired against:
All or Nothing’s just nonsense.
(Easy to say ‘cuz I can’t
ever find I am pregnant?)

Two parties with cross to bear
both have rights affected here.
One’s Right to Choose, others Live;
all or nothing is so glib.

If I had a magic wand
gladly wave so women spawn
only when and if they choose,
in that way no one would lose.

Both sides will pontificate
and my viewpoint castigate.
Wish we had a Solomon;
Equal Rights; children, women.