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Image may contain: one or more peopleAnticipation
way more than ketchup.
Know Carly Simon
married Baby James.
Each morning wonder
if today’s the day
that I’ll do something
unfetter my chains.

Hours of leisure
in no way entice
know I need something
to make me feel high.
Not found in needles
or bottom of glass
s’for rolling a joint?
Yeah, I’m gonna pass.

I have addiction
an unending need
bathing in spotlight
makes my pain recede.
Too long been sober
this wagon’s no good
call AA sponsor
theatre’s my creed.

Audience member?
That’s tepid and weak.
I need to act up
and other’s lines speak.
I built wooden box
in shape of coffin
hermetic’lly sealed
precludes performing.

From box must break free
fore I suffocate
been holding my breath
too long and can’t wait.
Can’t wait no longer
for show to begin
guess I’ll double-down
with hopes that I’ll win.

Too long preparing
for my audition.
Need interaction
of fantasy spun.
Won’t let the real world
preclude me from show,
bright lights and stage boards
are calling my name.

Oh, Dionysus!
I’m dying for you.
World of the masses
has me feeling blue.
I gotta get back
to trouping with friends;
no way around it
let hiatus end.