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Blood in the water, some sharks can sense one part per million, makes great offense; but woe to the shark tries to compete with my woman’s nose, odor replete. Odor of bodies she can detect from four-hundred yards reeking objects. With nostrils flaring the air she sniffs, smells, body odor others can’t whiff.

We two encountered father and son, man in forties and adolescent, both men wore the musk of unwashed pits, odor put me off but gave wife fits. Omkarnath was dad, Babul the boy, their offense not great but did annoy. My fragrant flower’s hand went to nose, rocked back on her heels from smell exposed. She’s not kind that hides or dons a mask, her face does reveal hideousness; odiferousness that gives offense she’ll show by face scrunch, hand waving hence; her nose longs to pinch with a clothespin to shield olfact’ry from B.O. sins.

She whispered in ear inquiry, “How can you stand close to those foul smellies? Can’t stay a minute or else I’ll retch, I’ll wait over there away from stench.” She smiled and nodded, Babul and dad, but as turned her back also waved hand. Her hand she fluttered in front of nose could not wait minute stench to depose. The look Omkarnath gave to Babul told me right away seen her hand move, all chose to ignore etiquette breech; I knew instantly thought wife effete.

We chatted a while then walked away, and as departed my nose did stray. My nose went to pit under my arm for confirmation smelled not of chum. Foul fishy smell reek wafting through air gladly left behind with stinky pair.

I held out my arm, wife’s hand in slipped, she took elbow crook, smile passed her lips. “Why are you smiling?” asked as we walked, she raised a finger but did not talk. She said not a word till we rounded a nearby corner then laughter spread. “I don’t get the joke, really can’t see how you’re entertained acting rudely.”

She tilted her head, her eyebrows raised, I had to admit stench had waylaid. “What would you rather?” my darling asked, “That I walk away? Bring them to task? We both know they stink and give offense, but the funny part is that they’re dense. Could barely contain derisive laugh the pair’s pantomime was perfect gaffe. First dad smelled his pits and shoulders shrugged then dad made a face perfectly smug. Directed Babul to do the same; seems found no offense, thinks we’re both lame. Dad twirled his finger around his ear guess we’re both crazy for washing, dear.”

There is an old phrase touches subject, states, cleanliness next to godliness. Don’t know that that’s true but plain to smell that if you don’t bathe you’ll smell like hell.