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Fear of other “races,” hate for those with darker skin,
thought that miscegenation is any kind of sin?
Shockley’s pseudo-science just proves genius can be blind;
choosing bits and bytes that support racist paradigm.
“You’ve got to be taught, to hate and fear,” Hammerstein tune;
simple words ninety-four, bigotry’s end importunes.

Navin R. Johnson, is born Jerk of a poor black man;
though hair and skin are white, African American.
Reared in poverty as sharecropper’s adopted son,
his feet may have lacked rhythm still danced with abandon.
Jerk’s a ludicrous comedy about love and race,
The Jerk leaves home, has ups and downs as his dreams does chase.

Sandra Bullock in Blind Side deals with race relations,
slip backwards to nineteen-fifteen and Birth of A Nation.
Woodrow Wilson screened Nation film in room of White House,
half-a-century Klan’s reborn, seems hatred’s never lost.
Hate, fear and division, creation of warring camps;
small minded men’s answer to Lennon’s, “Give peace a chance.”

Marching for equality, demanding equal rights,
thwarted by the ignorant ‘neath Klan robes in the night.
“Some very fine people, on both sides,” Don Trump declared;
his response to tiki tortured haters in town square.
Pander to a base that surely is base as they come,
spouting vi’lent rhetoric, president beats hate’s drum.

BlacKKKlansman Ron Stallworth film, directed by Spike Lee,
tells compelling tale (though takes temporal liberties.)
Corruption from on high, a belief in status quo,
thought that it’s okay to persecute and rule with blows.
Blue Wall of Silence, along with Good Ole Boy abuse
is just part and parcel of Night Riders’ lynching noose.

Marching to equality’s a slow and painful crawl,
for every two steps forward one step back seem to fall.
Don’t speak to me of Good Old Days when, “Folks knew their place,”
such bigoted reminiscence is a sad disgrace.
If you fear the ocean’s rise of folks with darker skins
then you’ve learned bigoted lesson and let hatred win.